ratDVD do the same thing as DVD Shrink?

Will ratDVD do the same thing as DVD Shrink?

If so, is it as fast?

189 views and no one knows? LOL I just wanted to know before I invested the time into mastering it.


Invest a little time in reading the ratDVD forum and then you will be in the know.

Yes, it shrinks the whole DVD with all add-ons and menus to just 1 GB.

You can shrink the main movie down to 200 MB.

It’s slower than DVDShrink. Whole DVD just about 4-6 hours.

And you can extract the compressed file back to the original.

Right… it’s this new breakthrough wondermachine, hallelujah. “The same thing as shrink” with only 200mb for the movie? Are you blind?

Nope, I’ m not blind! :wink:

I shrinked a 57 minute movie down to 259,5 MB.

Only the movie! No add-ons!

The Quality is good enough for an 15" Screen.

keep on smiling :slight_smile:


I can’t think of any (good) movie that’s only 57 minutes long … and 259b isn’t “only 200mb” that’s almost 300Mb. :iagree:

But almost!!!

Dude there is no way you can even have 1 bit of quality in that sentence. 259,5MB is way too small It doesn’t matter the technology your movie will suffer you can’t shrink it that small and say it’s a quality copy no offense. Maybe you should brake down and buy a elcheapo DVD burner i believe you can buy 1 for about $50 now.

i agree…

Well, I never said at 260 MB there will be a hight quality.

It only works. The quality is good enough for children looking their comic-movies.

Please try it by yourself. Take a 60 Minutes movie and compress it with ratDVD at the highest compression-level.
The quality will be poor but it works.