Ratdvd ate all my video files, help!

when I installed ratdvd all my video files disappeared from my computer. Is there anyway to get them back? Why did it it eat them?

I’m not sure how that could happen, but there are a few things that you can try. Try to do a system restore back to before you ran the ratdvd program. Try searching your temporary files and do a search to see if it maybe moved them to a different folder.

Thanks for replying. I did a restore, got my desktop back to how it was before ratdvd ate my files. The folders returned, :sad: so at least I could see where I lost my files from, but the folders with the media files were all empty. I did a searcg of the computer but found nothing resembling the files, so i guess they are gone. Needless to say I won’t be trying to use ratdvd anymore.

you could always try a program that restores deleted files, its a long shot cause chances are the video files would have been overwritten by now (or at least some of them) but you may get some of them back.