Ratdvd and divx6



Does ratdvd have any plans to have dvd to divx6 with menu and then divx6 to dvd

DivX plays back on all divx hardware… but does not menu on divx hardware thats has not been updated to divx6

but at the end of the day its a more open format and does same as ratdvd but works in all players on windows and works a 100s of hardware dvd players… maybe users would have to pay to encode to divx 6 but its a better format. I dont if he could do it free


IMHO it is impossible to convert a whole DVD to DivX format since the DivX specs are too limited. But we’ll see…

Additionally there is not a single player out there or announced by any company that integrates the new DivX6 stuff. ratDVDs can be played everywhere (after conversion) - so I think that ratDVD is by far better…

BTW: You will never be able to convert DivX back to DVD because DivX makes their money by DISALLOWING you this and make you pay for the DivX function in the devices.


From what I have read about divx 6 it is compatible with divx 5 players but just does not show the menus if the divx 6 codec is not used. Which means for the moment the film itself would work on all players but to have all the dvd options you have to have divx 6 installed… I have nor tested it yet though …