RatDVD 0.7 has been released - huge changelog

I just posted the article RatDVD 0.7 has been released - huge changelog.

 The guys of ratDVD have send  us an email to notify us that they have updated their software. ratDVD is  rapidly becoming popular on the internet. The software takes a full featured DVD  movie...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10545-RatDVD-0_7-has-been-released---huge-changelog.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10545-RatDVD-0_7-has-been-released---huge-changelog.html)

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How is the quality for RatDVD over CloneDVD? I am curious…

I still have doubts about the quality. It seems CDFreaks is a mayor supporter for this format, so maybe a nice article can help us pessimists ? :smiley:

I’ve played with RatDVD and was suprized at the quality. With RatDVD you can take a normal DVD and “Rat” it down to a very small size. The quality of the reduced “movie” is every bit as good as VCD. Then, using an equally long process, you can expand it back to full DVD format. Guess what, you still have VCD quality video. RatDVD is great for all the VCD fanboys out there. However, for those interested in the quality of their backups, RatDVD should be avoided.:r

Strange, many comments said the quality was near DVD, or above Xvid - yet here it is compared to the lowest quality of all - vcd - both cannot be correct when considering a normal compression i.e. DVD - say 1.5 GB’s?

well well, [flame] near dvd for those who… obviouosly either don’t have a LARGE screen or are vision impaired[/flame] otherwise i 'd say SVCD … not as bad as TRUE VCD (cos i hate that). Not beautiful, yet not the most ugly.

I can defiantly say that the quality is much greater than VCD. For a start there isn’t such as massive resolution loss. I would say it was around that of a 1000kbps XviD file (so the 1GB rips would be about as good as a 2CD XviD DVDRip). Ben :slight_smile:
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Quality isnt bad after all, its just wrapping a number of Window Media Video 9 streams together with meta data to reproduce the menu. If you dont like Windows Media Video quality then you wont like this, simple. Now if someone could do the same to encapsulate DivX/Xvid together with menus it would be just about perfect! :g

Who need RatDVD while one has DivX 6 ? If it is VCD quality we are talking about, using RatDVD is pointless. I could convert DivX back to DVD easily too.

“Who need RatDVD while one has DivX 6 ?” The answer is simple: everybody. You can’t compare ratDVD with DivX. DivX costs you money, ratDVD is as free as air. And this is just one example. Try ratDVD, be happy :smiley: