ratDVD 0.7.1235 don't recognize the sound

At this image you can’t see numbers under the word “Convertir” and when I play the DVD (this happend just with Naruto DVD) with ratDVD 0.7.1235 I can’t hear it. I proved to rat this dvd and when ratDVD has finished no player can reproduce the sound. So why ratDVD 0.7.1235 can’t recognice the sound from my dvd? I want to rat six DVD of the anime “Naruto”.

A DVD of Naruto is called:


Do you know what is wrong? can anybody help me?

The Autor of ratDVD will can fix it?
Maybe this link is the answer?


I do confirm the behaviour that you noted in ratDVD file: no sound is output when the file is played. Now, I got a perfect video playback in Windows Media Player, but no sound. The weird stuff is that Moopeg isn’t playing ratDVD files generated by present version, but in the previous Moopeg was a only DirectShow Player that won a perfect (audio+video) ratDVD file playback.


Please, take a look at this issue.


I’m correcting my previous post: I’ve tested again the ratDVD file generated in current version of RatDVD and then I’ve to say that I win a perfect playback with all Moopeg, zplayer, Windows Media Player (not Media Player Classic). But the audio volume is very low when compared with a ratDVD file generated by previous version of RatDVD.


I think you don’t understand me, I said that ratDVD 0.7.1235 don’t support MPEG sound of my DVD. It’s a DVD with typical files but the sound is MPEG and this software can’t open it.


OK, I understood right now. Are yours sound files MPEG Layer 2 ones? If yes, it’s strange cos MP2 files are dvd compliance …

I am not sure but doesn’t the DVD spec say that you have to have at least LPCM or AC-3 audio?

I once had such an MPEG audio only disc and my Player (stand-alone) didn’t play the audio because of this.

I’ve opened this dvd with DVD shrink for you can see the audio format with your own eyes. My DVD player read it perfectly. MPEG1.

why ratDVD don’t open it?? :S

If the author of the software ratDVD read this, please do something, I want to rat my anime DVD and this DVD has MPEG1 sound, help!! help!!

I am currently runnin Windows XP 64 Bit Edition. RatDVD installs with no problem. When I try to open file I get an error saying catastrophic failure. Yes it’s installed in my Program Files (x86) Folder since that is the only way I can run certain programs.
Please Help