Ratatouille crashes

I tried for hours to do a full disc copy of Ratataouille. I have version 4.012 of DVD FAB. (Excellent program, I might add! Updates and support are unparalleled!) I have always preferred to save my output files as ISO’s. It created sn ISO for me, but when burned, would not play.:doh: After making a few coasters and enjoying the challenge, I did this and it worked perfect: :bigsmile: Enable Pathfinder as “if needed,” and do a full disc copy that you save as a FILE. Do not “shrink” it on the fly. After it has saved; use DVD Shrink to save it as an ISO and to make it fit a standard DVD. I’ve always preferred to burn with DVD Decrypter. I have the full disc backed up and plays perfectly! Thanx for listening, and the support. Keep up the great work!:clap: