*RARE* HP K8600 Modification + CISS (300 dvds/hour) Need help finding more info!

Alright, pretty new user here this is my first post on this place.

Frankly if you have a bit of spare time to read my article I would suggest for the cd/dvd printer junkie you will be entertained at what I am about to show you. I would like to start off saying that I am a Canon IP Pixma printer guy who loves the way canon uses its neat features to explicitly produce a wonderful looking label.

Well onto the good stuff… I recently came across a certain printer (HP k8600) which is a wide format printer that prints not only wide A3/4/5 paper but have seen this print on CD/DVD using a custom tray. After doing some intensive googling I came across a bunch of ads and youtube videos showing how it prints. Basically its a custom made tray that allows 6 dvds to print at once and its amazing. I tried looking for a local seller but no go, I also tried seeing if I can make it but also came up short.

Only places I found this printer with the tray was in Argentina and Brazil. Now from a certain point of view to some it might think I am trying to spam with some type of advertisement but I truthfully just want to do this on my own and I think anyone who uses a canon/epson printer would love this printer for the mere fact that you can print 6 dvds at a time. Also beats the competition from spending thousands of dollars for a multiple dvd printer all in one.

I found a couple of youtube links that I would like to share with you guys. I have been trying to find a contact locally in north america or even in europe but no one seems to know or have any information about this.

Some guy in Brazil quoted me $130 just for a tray!!! WTF???

The links at the bottom are speculation from what I came up from doing some research, I would post 20 more links but then I would probably be suspended for spamming, I just want to know if anyone has any info on this as this is truly a remarkable product for very cheap. Having my post removed/deleted just makes this concept harder to justify. Need more people to look into this so we can start making this more popular in north america. This printer also supports CISS.

LINK #1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqO2tS-pUfE

LINK#2: http://tu.tv/videos/impresora-cd-x-300-hora-insumos-mac

Need some help guys please help!!!

Hey! i have what you need: Link