Rare and exotic features in disc drives?

What are some features, that just exist rarely in several disc drives?


  • Plextor Gigarec. (I first assumed that Plextor is overrated. Now, I know, why they were so popular under enthusiasts.)
  • Plextor VariRec.
  • Sony PurpleBook DDCD.
  • Sanyo/Panasonic HD-Burn.
  • Extended error scans E__.
  • BenQ: Manual reading pattern.
  • AOpen: ×56 reading speed.
  • LG H20L: HD-DVD reading.
  • LG BE14NU40: Manual mentions DVD+RW DL capabilities. I wish, that I could just magically produce DVD_+RW DL_ media discs out of thin air, but I am no wizard, unfortunately.

More exotic and rare features could be useful for:

We would also be curious about features of discs themselves:

Yamaha and Plextor Audio Master Quality Recording

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Yamaha: DiscT@2


54x CD-R-burner



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Oh, InfraRecorder mentioned that one too.
There is also an unexplainable SCSI IMMED.

Thank you for mentioning these.

Actually, even an old 1989s Technics SL-PJ26A has sufficiently strong error correction to reach excellent audio quality. But it is always good to be equipped.

Lite-On SmartErase

Is it similar to Asus E-hammer?

Yes, it is. I found the whole idea absurdly useless and gimmicky.

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Me too.

I do not even like the idea of WORM-intended media not to be 100% safe, but SmartErase and eHammer bypass this philosophy.

Actually, the old school-PC SH-S182, as already stated in earlier posts, does override WORM too when accidentally detecting a DVD-R as blank and just writes over the disc.

Yep, there other and faster ways to wreck ODD-media

Or a specialist :wink:

Liteon: Labeltag

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Is CD-RW still -RWable after being PlexErased?

It should be (in principle).

Can’t recall if SmartErase or PlexErase can be used in RW discs. But if it can be executed, one would expect the result to be the same as full-erasing a rewritable disc - the entire disc is blanked/erased, not just the TOC (as with a quick erase).

I would imagine this is also the case with the dedicated PlexErase drive, but…

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Another unique feature to add to the list:

NU DDW-082: Changing to Booktype on DVD-R/RW discs!

Strictly against the DVD Forum standards/specification for DVD-R/RW, but what the hell. Bitsetting DVD+R/RW was becoming a must have feature and 99.9999% of users would just assume that bitsetting DVD-R/RW was the next logical step. :rolleyes:

One popped up on Ebay UK a couple of years ago - the only one I’ve ever seen in this country. Still kicking myself for not getting it, just for a bit of fun.

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A unique disc feature (rather than a drive feature) is being able to write-protect DVD-RAM discs (formatted for packet writing), even those without cartridges. Done using a software tool to set a flag on the disc. Effective, reversible and VERY useful.

Still angry after all these years that the feature wasn’t included in the BD-RE specification.

A drive ‘feature’ of sorts, unique to ALI-based Benq CD writers (5224W, 5232W & 5232X) - a miraculous ability to read/extract error-free audio from scratched CDs that defeat every other drive type.

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Nu Tech, only veterans will remember this brand. Never had one, was very rare in Germany.

But TBH, I never needed booktype-setting for my drives/players, burned media worked always for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for reminding me those drives. I have several heavily scratched rare audio CDs that I am unable to backup (I am using Exact Audio Copy) with any of my 20+ drives. I will try to find and buy some used one.

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HD-DVD-RAM was for that purpose.
But it was not marLeted with proper approach.
If they were marketed properly, DVD+RW DL and HD-DVDs could exist today with proper marketing, without pusing away BD.

Too few people know the hidden advantage of optical storage. It is highly underrated.

Optical discs are water-resistant, EMP-resistant, have the cheapest unit price, no unexpected data losses, no transistor leaking, predictable disc rot with error scanning and excellent offline filesharing. And for our community, experimentation fun.

Not saying that flash storage or HDD is bad, just that optical storage is now underrated due to improper marketing. Each storage type has individual advantages.

Some old Panasonic and Matshita drives had CD and PD (phasewriter dual).