RAR shrinking software?

well i have an iso file which is 4.8gig, i use winrar to split it into pieces, and it’s still too big to fit into a single dvd, so my question is:

-is there any other way i could use to shrink my iso so that it would fit in a single dvd?

  • will my file becomes corroupt or damage if it’s shrink too much?

thanks for the help.

The only way to make a data file smaller is to compress it. Here you can try any number of programs. The top three being,


All of these have options to set the compress level.

Other than that you would have to put it onto 2 DVD’s or 1 Dual Layer DVD.

you could maybe mount the iso with daemon tool and have winrar compress its contents - its compression ratio is much better for textlike files than for some others. It all depends on what kind of data is on the iso.

Super compressor “kgb_arch_win_gui_v1.2.0.23.exe”. I have MS Office in a floppy, but it takes 9 hours to decompress.

What is the content of the ISO file?

If it contain a set of JPEG pics, then compressing will be rather useless, because an already compressed file like is jpeg can’t be compressed further.

I would add 7-Zip which is not only freeware, but usually compresses even better than RAR!

Add WinUHA to the list, it’s reputed to have a better compression ratio, though I haven’t tried it myself.

if you are thinking bout compressing it to just store it on a dvd thats fine but you cant compress and iso and have it still work on a dvd. dont know if thats what you are doing but thought i would just give my 2 cents worth.

100MB Super Floppy?

I find a 500:1 compression ratio a tad unbelievable … unless of course you are talking about good old Office97 … which would just required a compression ratio of about 100:1.

With PowerIso you can compress an .iso file into a .daa file, which you can burn on dvd.

No, it’s Office 2007.
Here is the link if any one is interested. :flower:

Although it seems a very good compressor tool, do not forget that the above screenshot resembled compressing plain text.

A lesson about compression:

Compression is to use algorithms that are actually smaller than the original data, to store that particular data.

There are two kinds of compression. Lossless and lossy.

Lossless does not affect the quality of the data. All the data can be uncompressed and it is still 100% quality. Examples: WinZip, LHA, ARJ, etc.

Lossy does affect the quality of the data. All the data can be uncompressed but is never the same 100% quality although it might be very very hard to actually spot the difference with your senses. Examples: Jpeg and Mp3

Remember, compression is just some bunch of algorithms! Another example: I have this file called test.txt which contains the following information:


I can “compress” this by writing it as:

. Compression ratio : 75%. Why 75%? Because the datasize i still have is 25% of the original.

It gets a lot worse when i try to compress this


and get this result

. Compression ratio: 60%. The datasize is 40% of the original.

As you can all imagine, it gets a lot worse when you compress this


In fact, the “algorithm” i used actually increases the size!

So don’t use plain text as reference, but the things you actually want to compress.

1600MB Ram to use the best compression setting!
800MB ram to used second best compression setting … Holy bejeezus!
Memory requirements are through the roof!

That said, on the second highest setting, it was only getting only a compression ratio of 75% taking an estimated 6 hrs (I killed it after 20minutes), with an estimated final of 400MB from a 600MB Office2k3 pro (programs & minimal text) data source … far distant from the 99.75% compression ratio required to fit 600MB onto a 1.44mb floppy disk.