Rar repairing. Please Help!



Im not sure if this is the right place to post my problem but here goes.

I have a set of rar files and 1 file is corrupt. I have been trying to get another rar for weeks without sucess and I can’t get any par files either.

I have tried repairing the rar with WinRar which has worked for me on other files but I can’t do it with this one, WinRar rebuilds it but when I extract I get an error again. I just wondered if anyone knew of any other software or things I might try to repair the file.

Big thanks in advance!


redownl the file, thats the only way:p (but he its about warez so ssssst!)

recovering the file cant work if not created on rarring the file up
and theres no software for repairing such files( not that i know of…:confused:


Seems illegal to me. The thread will be closed for now. If I’m mistaking, please inform me by PM, and I will undo the locking of this thread.