RAR Recovery Toolbox

I need the registration code for this software i have some errors on RAR files Please help or where can I find it… cannot afford I lost my job

well i guess only LEGAL way to get registration code is to buy the program etc.

besides what’s the ‘registration code’ have anything to do with ‘fixing’ a corrupted .rar file? … if the file’s corrupt im pretty sure having the full WinRAR app aint going to help much.

but generally speaking if u cant afford to lose data in the future… back it up properly OR use QuickPAR ( http://www.quickpar.org.uk/ ) as it’s great at fixing a little data corruption here and there… it generally makes recovery files that are 10percent of the total data size you want to recover.

that wont work in your current situation as you need to make those files BEFORE data corruption happens.

Sorry; we can’t help with supplying free registration codes for commercial payware.

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