Rar-probleem, stupid crc error

Ik heb een archief van 50 files en daar is er een van ‘bad’. De grootte klopt hier wel van. Wat is hier aan te doen. WinRar 2.90 beta 2 geeft een CRC error.

Winrar heeft een repair optie…

ZIe ook http://user.online.be/~hdesmet/rarmanual/faq.htm

Ik kan de repair optie niet vinden! HELLUP…
Er wordt dit over gezegd maar wat bedoelen ze er nou mee? Ik gebruik winrar 290 beta 2.

Q9: I failed to extract files from a solid multivolume RAR archive because one archive volume was damaged (bad floppy diskette). Help me!
A: First of all, you should use RAR recovery record when storing archives onto unreliable media such as floppies. Generally, it is not recommended to create solid archives in this case, use the normal (non solid) mode instead. In any case do not disable the “Independent solid volumes” option in the Compression settings dialog without real necessity. You should be aware, that without this option to extract files from a particular solid volume WinRAR scans the whole set of previous archive volumes (.rar or .exe, .r00, .r01 etc.).

Steps of recovering process if you have a damaged volume of solid archive:

  1. Try to repair the damaged volume. It helps sometimes if RAR recovery was used when creating archive. You may check for the presence of a recovery record in the archive using Show archive information command. Rename recovered volume, _recover.rar to the actual volume name and try to process your archive from the first volume to the newly recovered (if recovery were not used, WinRAR builds _reconst.rar).

  2. If the previous procedure was to no avail, then, unfortunately, the chances of being able to restore files are significantly reduced. You should have the source files contained in the damaged volume (from the file where archive is broken up to the end of the volume). And, you should extract all files from all volumes until the CRC error in damaged part.
    Re-create volumes of the archive including damaged one, calling WinRAR with the same options and archiving all files in the same order as when you created the archive for the first time and replace the broken volume with a new one.

Komt wel vaker voor dat een file corrupt is.
Gewoon effe opnieuw downloaden.
Als dat niet werkt is de file op die server niet goed.
Moet je die ene file ergens anders zoeken…
En dat kan o.a. hier: http://www.reliz.ru/
Of hier: http://www.oth.net/
Of hier: http://www.filesearch.ru/

Hello Everyone. I had the same problem with CRC errors in Rar files. I went to google and found a solution after several frustrating hours. I tried repairing with Winrar and other commercial software. Nada. My solution was to ignore the errors. What you do is go to Winrar in the Start Menu. In winrar you click File > open and then select the files you want to unrar. Then you click the “extract to” icon and check the box that says “Keep Broken Files” under miscellaneous. Any CRC error windows that show up during the extraction you ignore/close. The resulting file worked just fine.

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Yes, I replied so that if anyone has a similar problem, my solution could possibly work. As for this being a dutch forum, hmm… …interesting. Well, I did a google search for winrar crc errors, and this came up. So there. And I don’t know dutch. But is is understandable what they are talking about.

BiggestFish thank you for your nice&helpfull attitude towards the world community. Your solution has helped me, and I’m sure many people on this world. Keep up the good work with contributing to the world community!! Thank you.

I know this is late, but thanks. I am glad that my solution helped someone.

even i "registered " and log on this 8 yr old "dutch " forum just to say “THANK YOU” and for google AND any body seeking the solution of crc error of DVD


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I made an account on this Forum just to say a BIG THANK YOU to BiggestFish, who helped me solve this stupid CRC rar problem!! I had been trying to download my favorite basketball team’s Europe winning game for hours in countless rar files and when I tried to extract them, it would show me that error message!! I was so pissed!! Your solution helped SO MUCH BiggestFish!!! And what you did was SO NICE!!!

THANK YOU!! I hope you get to read this, which I doubt, but thanks anyway!!!

I just checked in and read your thank you. I am glad to have helped another person. : )

Biggestfish solution is helpfull but i found another solution
there is a program called rar repair tool
>it tottaly fails on. iso files especially if it contains something 2 install it fails 100%
>mp3 and flac files which r corrupted r fixed amazingly perfect n do not silence out in the middle of the track which happens using biggestfish method
>in media files,most of them r watchable with vlc but the degree of file being repaired depend on format …some formats have their pictures cripple in the middle

i hope that u try my method & comment about quality of files repaired especially audio files