Rar Multiple Folders

At the moment I have several hundred folders that are individually named.
Each folder contains about 10 to 20 Zipped Files (Rar).
Is there a way that all of these folders can be zipped (Rar) at the same time so as that the end result is that each
(folder name remains) and as a seperate zipped folder.

For now the only way that I can do it isone folder at a time.

Many Thanks

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Try this: Select all folders, then right-click on the selected folders and click on “Add to archive…”.

Go to the “Files” tab, and select the proper option in the “File path” box

The one shown in pic is only an example, I don’t know what is the right one you need :slight_smile:

All of the folders seem to end in a single (Rar) zipped file.

I’m trying to have them finish as individual (Rar) zipped files.


  1. Select all the folders you want to compress
  2. Right-click one of the folders and chose the Add to archive… option in the WinRAR menu
  3. Go to the Files tab in the WinRAR window and select “Put each file to separate archive”
  4. Press OK

Hey, I never thought about that. Thanks for the tip!

Great result.

Thank You