RAR Format

I have a music file that is in .Rar format I am unable to get it to play -how do i get this to play- can I convert this file to MP3 format???

Cheers Guys

.rar is a compression method using to compress the actual music files. Inside the .rar files are your actual music files.

you have to uncompress the contents of the .rar file using Winrar into a empty folder then play your files using your normal media (like window media or real player or whatever else you use).

you can download Winrar from here or from here here


after installing and opeing the rar file, there is an extract button, press that and tell it where u wanta place ur uncompressed files and let it extract. Afterward, you are all set to listen to ur music :iagree:

Some useful tips and a bit more information on different file types can be found in this thread: Helpful tips for all (newbies and oldbies)