Rar. files?

HI. I was wondering if anyone could help. I downloaded a film from bitlord and it was a rar file. I dont no how to burn it onto a dvd for it to work on a dvd player. Does anyone no of any software I can use? :confused:

Welcome to the forum.
The film you downloaded, is it a commercial film release (copyright)?

im not sure.
when the download finished i went to open it and it said select a program and then none of my programs could open it (windows media player, Divx, Quicktime ect.) And I burt it to a dvd using Sonic Record now but it wont work on a dvd player through tv.
Any software?

OK first of all, we won’t assist you to copy commercial/copyright material.
.RAR is a compression/packaging container often used for downloading files from the Internet. You need Winrar to unpack the files, but to make a DVD you will also need to encode the files and then author them before you end up with a playable DVD.

arite cheers.
Ill give it a try.