.rar files.... or how to send pictures?



Hi. I’m not sure I’m in the appropriate forum I didn’t see anything specific to rar files or file extensions in general but since I know some DVDers are very knowledgeable about rar files…here I am needing help…

I was under the impression that using winrar and archiving a .jpg photo into a .rar file would make it much smaller and therefore much faster/easier to email. ( this is what Winrar says on their website: WinRAR puts you ahead of the crowd when it comes to compression. By consistently creating smaller archives, WinRAR is often faster than the competition. http://www.win-rar.com/rarproducts.html)

so I tried it. After doing so the size of my new .rar file is just as huge as it was before . why would that be? is a .rar file extension appropriate for pictures?

I then ziped the file and yes it was much smaller.

am I doing something wrong with the compression process? I believe winrar calls it archiving…?

what is the best program to use then?

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Hi herbeapuce, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

JPEG files are already “compressed” in the sense that they contain very little redundant information, and that’s why they are almost incompressible using RAR or any other compression format.

Zipping or RARing a lot of JPEG files into a single archive file will make them more handy to email, but you won’t actually save any space worth mentioning (perhaps around 0.5 - 10% saved).

I usually tell WinRAR to simply store *.jpg files instead of attempting to compress them.


I then ziped the file and yes it was much smaller.[/QUOTE]

Not sure how this is possible. What did you zip it with?



thanks for your help guys. I guess I won’t waist my time trying to rar a jpeg file…

I used the zip option in winrar. the file got from 5400MB to 3900MB once ziped. This is a 28% reduction…not bad. But I curious if I could do better ?

(I ziped the .jpg file, I did’nt try to zip the new .rar file…)

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Very few JPEG files will compress as much as 28% so consider yourself lucky.

The JPEG files from my digital camera only compress approx. 0.5% BTW.


Check out the Stuffit archiver, it compresses even pictures!