Can’t understand it.How does it work and how do I get it?

Just go here, http://rapidshare.com/ it’s simple to use

You go to the ‘homepage’ (see link in above post). Using browse you find the file/files you want to upload. Click upload. Once this is complete your asked if you want to subscribe or go straight to links for your file/files. If you click on get lnks. If will give two. One is the one that you give to the person or persons you wish to have this file/files. The other is to remove the link when it’s finnished with.
If you don’t use the second link. The upload will be removed after a certain length of inactivity anyway. If the link is popular then it goes on & on. :bigsmile: (I believe, never left a link that long myself).

Antec900_2007 are you this new to the internet?

Be nice Bob, not everyone around here is as old as dirt. :bigsmile:

ok Kerry :doh:

Rolling56 is younger than you think. He calls me pops.:iagree:

LOL…Nope!Just have have used that before.I’am PC-gamer.I just got into this downloading movies stuff!
Learning tho.I currently have 3 DVD Burners.And I’am buying two more next month.I got a HP LightScribe and 2 Lite-on’s.Next 2 will be a Pioneer 112D & Plextor for it’s model.

Yep hiya pops :slight_smile:

Well there are some good ones out now. No need to be to hasty though.

I’m not a gamer but i guess i have a good enough processor and vid card,ram etc… to be able to :slight_smile: