RapidShare to limit free users to 5GB and delete the excess

RapidShare to limit free users to 5GB and delete the excess.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2013/03/Awd4ze.jpg[/newsimage]RapidShare is restricting free account holders to 5GB of data and from the 3rd April, RapidShare will mass-delete all data in excess of the 5GB limit.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/rapidshare-to-limit-free-users-to-5gb-and-delete-the-excess-66515/](http://www.myce.com/news/rapidshare-to-limit-free-users-to-5gb-and-delete-the-excess-66515/)

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And so we have a reality check for those of the iTwitt generation.
Welcome to the “Real” world!
If you were backing up files to the Cloud, you are getting exactly what you deserve. Get off your lazy butts, go to your local Computer Store, plop down a C-note and buy an external drive.
Yes, it’s bigger than your iCrap, yes, you actually have to carry it around, but if you can actually remember to carry it around, it’s there when and where you need it and can’t be erased on the whim of some Corporate Exec.
Ain’t nothing in this World for Free.

FIFO? Or is that GIGO?

For the price of 2 years subscription, one can get two lightweight 1TB USB HDDs. It does mean having to physically plug both in two make a backup instead of a few clicks, but if done right, keep one in the house and the other in your car. If one goes corrupt/missing, there is still the other. As long as one is kept in the car, the data is just a short walk away (unless taking public transport) and also off site in the event of a fire.

For long term poor man’s storage, I would sooner trust Usenet than a typical file host, so long as the data has been properly encrypted and stored in archives with unique file names only known by the uploader. Once uploaded to Usenet, the data will be propagated with the other Usenet providers and in theory kept in the cloud until the longest Usenet provider’s retention time, which is endlessly growing with the main providers (>4.5 years). Sure, there will be a small cost to upload the data (e.g. €50 prepaid account for 1TB of traffic that doesn’t expire) to upload & download a combined 1TB over time, but even this fee is tiny compared to the €100/year most cloud providers charge and unlike most cloud providers, Usenet does not delete your uploads if you don’t pay an on-going subscription or the data is not accessed over a certain period.

Another story as to why online storage doesn’t always have good reliable access…

Google cloud failure…

I rather keep my personal files and adata on my NAS as that is just as good or if not better then online storage. I am the controller and who can allow whom to view it not some corporation that is vested interested in making money off my data storage and considering how Hackers/Crackers go after online storage nowday one should really consider how safe are you really? Since most don’t report if they get Hacked cause it will ruin their bottom line…

Personally, I love using cloud storage if I want to move data from one computer to another. Of course, if I have a flash drive ready, that’s usually a faster solution. Let’s face it though, most people (myself included) don’t carry a drive where ever they go. For me, that’s where cloud storage comes in handy. Also, cloud storage is obviously better when it comes to redistributing files to a large number of computers.

As for long term storage, I agree that you’re better off using you own CDs, DVDs, NAS units, added hard drives, ect. That’s pretty much the only option that allows you to be in control of your own data. Services like RapidShare, Amazon, Google Cloud, ect. certainly aren’t good solutions for backups, as articles like this one shows.