Rapidget for Rapidshare.com?

is there a version of rapidget that works with the new rapidshare.com?

According to The FAQ your piece of software will update automatically. You are a premium user are you?

i am a premium user… and obviously there hasnt been an update that includes the .com sites… my questions was more along the lines of is there ANOTHER piece of software out there that would work?? thanks tho

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At RapGet you can download a similar piece of software that you can use for the new rapidshare.com
Nothing will be installed on your own computer after you have unrarred RapGet 1.26. and clicked on the exe file. You can rar and unrar files with the free (open source) program 7-zip from 7-zip.org


Rapget 1.26 seems to have stopped working… I hav e prem accounts for both RS .de and .com, and it says files are now waiting to download, like the free accounts… I can use the sites fine with the same details.

I also notice, that the username keeps disappearing from the textbox whenever I run it, although it is still present in the ini file…

Wonder if RS havechanged something on their servers…???

Sorry for my English, I’m French.

For the people who have a premium account on rapidshare.com rapget could work perfectly if you apply the following instructions :

You go on rapidshare.com, you logon your premium account.
You must have those following buttons :
Refresh Page - [B]Options[/B] - Remote Uploads - Logs - Convert points - Extend account

Clic on Options, then notch the box “Direct-downloads” and finnaly clic “save” in bottom.
NB : if it is the first time you connect to your Options page you’ll must have to put a name on the “login-alias” field.

After that, test some rapidshare.com links with Rapget (with your premium account configuration of course) and then … THIS IS A MIRACLE IT’S WORKING !!!

Thanx a lot for the useful advice!I make much efforts in search of good music sites and then even more to optimize the process of downloading. By chance found
<a href="http://new-mp3.info/.html>download mp3 music</a>, nice site. Trying Rapidshare is worthy… Really some minor incompatibilities, though

I ditched rapget a while ago anyway, Ive been using freedownloadmanager which works fine, I think most download managers will work now

Don’t even try to use it. It claims you don’t have to wait in line. When you really do. There is a fixed version but I am pretty sure rapidget is illegal. Via it use scrips so you don’t have to wait. You can get a free rapidshare pro account. Using the rapidshare checker.

Im a happy RS premium member… quite happy to pay the measly amount they want as it usually pays for itself after a couple fo downloads… Ive never had to wait on line… some people are so tight!!

All the beefits you get for a couple of quid per month… what more do people want??

Rapidget isn’t a third party solution, it was created by Rapidshare themselves for premium users.

To the OP; as others suggested, Rapget will work for rapidshare.com. I’m just using it now, it’s great! Of course you have to be a premium user, though as you’ve mentioned you are.