RANT: Need Advice on Choosing a Lite-On Drive


Now that Lite-On has completely lost it’s mind and started putting out drives with different hardware and firmware, but which have the same names, how can one make a logical choice anymore in regards to which Lite-On to buy?

It’s bad enough that there has been a ridiculous proliferation of models with only slightly differing features, but now, we can no longer tell which revision of a particular model we may receive when placing an order.

What do fans of Lite-On drives suggest? I already own two DH-20A3s and four DH-20A4s, so I’m not new to the Lite-On world, but ever since they changed over to the new model numbering scheme it’s become increasingly difficult to keep up with what they are doing. They’ve started to get as bad as LG, which long ago seemed to abandon the idea of firmware upgrades, in favor of trying to force us to buy new drives.

Thankfully, I already understand a lot about optical drives, so it’s not so bad for me, but I can’t even imagine what a newbie has to go through in trying to make a decision about Lite-On these days.