RankOne Media Group completes purchase of DVDPlusRW.org

I just posted the article RankOne Media Group completes purchase of DVDPlusRW.org.

 The RankOne  Media Group (RMG) publishers of the leading websites CD Freaks.com and Euro-copyrights.org have  completed the purchase of DVDPlusRW.org                      . This website is...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10029-RankOne-Media-Group-completes-purchase-of-DVDPlusRW_org.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10029-RankOne-Media-Group-completes-purchase-of-DVDPlusRW_org.html)

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Just what the world needs! The re-instatement of a library saturated with obnoxious blurts from two pompous a-wipes. Not for me thanx

Suddenly CD Freaks seems not such a welcoming place to visit now i know its part of a corporate jigsaw rather than an independent site of similarly minded individuals.

RMG is the company behind CD Freaks.com for years now. (If you make money and have to make cooperate purchases, such as server and bandwidth and you need to pay taxes than it’s usefull to have a company) This press release is an official announcement that we have bought DVDPlusRW.org and it states the reasons behind it. We strongly believe that we should also contribute to the community, hence the Euro-Copyrights.org project (in cooperation with Elby) and also a reason why we’ve purchased DVDPlusRW.org. Without us the site would have been offline and an usefull resource with it. We felt that if we could save it we should do it.