Randomize Songs to Burn AudioCD

I have several hundred mp3’s that I wish to burn to CD - an audio CD. Is there a program that will load my list of mp3’s, randomize them and generate playlists or create different folders? I wish to filter them such as length of CD (example 74 or 80 minute or whatever length I choose for that matter) or specify only 1 song per artist … that sort of thing. I don’t need it to convert or burn the music. For those who are still wondering what I am talking about - check out the program “Random MixTape Maker”. It is pretty much what I want (except I couldn’t get it to work properly-it would only load 5 songs for instance).

Thanks for everyone taking the time to read this request.

Your thread title is, “[B]Randomize Songs to Burn AudioCD[/B]”…Then you say this, “[B]I don’t need it to convert or burn the music[/B]”…
Which is it?

foobar2k and MediaMonkey, come to mind for what you’re asking…However if you’re wanting to burn a standard Audio CD, PCM/wav 16/44.1khz, then you [I]will[/I] be converting your MP3s…

Sorry to confuse those with my thread title but I was hoping to clarify that I wanted something more than a program that randomized and created a playlist which probably any media player can do. And yes, I will eventually be converting my mp3’s before I burn but prefer to leave that to dBpowerAMP.

Thanks for your suggestions - I will give foobar a shot.