Random video/audio sync problem... help?



Noticing this is a newbie forum, and… I am a newbie on this matter (sadly :sad: ), here’s my question, trying to be concise and clear. I’ve tried to search for something similar, but only different problems appeared, so I need to ask…

Recently, I got some .VOB, .BUP, and .IFO files on a directory, and tried to burn them all on a DV-RW. First try was with Ahead Nero express… everything went all right, except that when I tried to play on my DVD player, on some parts, the video started to go faster on a sudden (like if I pressed the FF button for a short time), but the audio continued on the same playing rate. It caused people “saying one thing” and only after seconds, the sound would come out.

This sudden FF problem occurred only in some parts, however not specific ones. That means, I could rewind the video and then go to the same part where this “glitch” occured, and nothing would happen. However, it would happen in some other part, where it hasn’t occurred before (it looks random).

Then I thought it was some burning problem, so I erased this same CD-RW and burned with another program (CopytoDVD). Tested it… same thing happened.

This problem can only be fixed when I press the pause button, then press the “step button” (jumping one frame only) and then unpausing the player… the sound gets to be mute for some time (the delay time), and the video goes on normally… until the sound matches the video speed and everything runs smoothly… until… the problem happens again. :confused:

I’m unsure if this is a common burning problem, or if it has happened to someone else. Anyone has an advice? Thanks! (and sorry for the not-so-concise post)


Please give us some details on what CD/DVD burning hardware you are using, the firmware versions, the type of media and the model of DVD player.