Random restarts

Hi there,

I was getting the odd random restart over the last month, but now its become frequent, every hour or so, i hope it doesn’t do it while im typing now. :frowning:

Well, yeah, basically, it restarts, no BSOD, nothing in event log, so i guess something is overheating.

My PSU is pretty new, so i don’t think that is the cause, my CPU is quite old but it seems to be fine, no problems with the heaksink. But my GPU’s fan does make quite a quite whining noise (i was concerned at first, but it didn’t seem to affect my computer, so i didnt wana fork out cash for a quiet noise), so i think it may be the fan on that, not cooling properly (any way to check).

Basically, how can i find the culprit without switching parts, because i don’t have any access to spares, without actually buying them, are there any programs that monitor the computer and collect data when it restarts or something.

Any advice before i risk just buying a new graphics card or fan.



When my RAM was going out my machine would do that. Run MemTest. Might save you from buying wrong parts.

Are you over clocking your system in any way? By restart do you mean the whole windows system is crashing and restarting? Or is it particular programs?

Go to system properties, advanced tab, startup and recovery, and uncheck the box for rebooting. Now you should get a BSOD message. If not, then it’s definitely a hardware issue.

I’m not overclocking, the restart will happen whenever, playing games, browsing internet, listening to music, converting video to dvd.

The box is unchecked, it restarts exactly like if i pressed the reset button.

I’ll run memtest tonight. ta

Overheating CPU might do this, have you cleared the dust bunnies out of the case lately?

and a overheating GPU will do it too. The way you describe the fan on, it could be the problem. I know I read at least one other user on these forums that used an open case and a floor mounted household fan to keep his system cool. An odd way to go about it, but if you try it and it works you have narrowed your problem down.

That would have been my suggestion :iagree:

Ok, i ran memtest while i slept (for about 10hours) and when i got up, it said it had been running for one and a half, so it had been restarting i guess…

I will try cleating out the dust tonight, good idea, might be just something silly like that.


It can be a memory issue. did you try cleaning your hardware ?

I cleaned the insides of my computer. Been on for about an hour, so far so good. Going to leave it on overnight converting video, see if it is ok.


Sometimes reseating all your hardware and i mean everything even all the psu plugs to motherboard and drives help and along with cleaning it all out. Good luck.

Good luck :slight_smile:

If this works, I suggest you look into re-seating your CPU cooler. It probably came with a cheezy foam pad for thermal contact and is drying out. Cleaning both surfaces with an appropriate cleaner and applying some silver paste will do a lot to improve CPU cooling.