Random restart when converting avi to dvd!

Hey guys, have encountered a major problem when trying to convert avi/divx to dvd format. Ive been doing this for a few years now and have never had this problem before. Basically… about 30 min into the process my pc monitor switches to standby and my pc seems to reboot. However the screen just remains in standby mode until i restart the pc again by using the switch on the front. I usually use Nero or another program called ConvertXtoDVD which i find to be allot quicker at converting than Nero. Ive set all the power settings on my pc so that the monitor should never switch off or go into screen saver mode but it still happens. I know it isnt a hardware issue as i successfully managed to convert one title after reformatting my whole hard drive, only to find the problem started again on my second project and ever since. It makes no difference what file im trying to convert and it also happens when im trying to split an avi/divx file. Any ideas as to how to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated as im all out of ideas… Thanks guys!

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Could be a number of things, but have you checked your CPU temps? Might be worthwhile cleaning out all the dust bunnies from inside your PC.

Try what [B]Arachne[/B] suggest first.
How old is your HD?
Since it worked after HD reformatting, it is quite possible that HD is giving up.
Do you have any software to check HD for bad sectors?

See if it crashes using some other CPU intensive app like Prime 95.

Thanks guys! i will try all of your advise and check back soon. Cheers!

Dust is the computer worst friend…it can be a oven if you don’t house clean inside of there espically the CPU. Dying HDD can results in sudden starts as well but you will know it cause the HDD will make loud click and trust me you will hear it and it will restart suddenly. Also bad memory or going bad can result in restart as well. Also PS going bad can also do that as well. So you have lots of diagnosis to check on to eliminate all or none or some that is causing the restarts. Oh yeah, also bad connections or loose can do that as well and anything that shouldn’t be in there making contact where it shouldn’t can also cause restart. But if there is arching your computer might not be in good shape after that.