Random rebooting with LiteOn CDRW

I have a few probs with my LiteOn CDRW.

I get random re-booting, giving the blue screen of death.
I cannot write to the CD sometimes as I get the following messages.
Windows does not support this CD-RW format. To use this disc, choose the task “Erase the CD-RW”, which will format the disc so that Windows can use it.

InCD currently accesses one or more recorders. Please eject these CD’s and then restart Nero

Windows explorer displays the contents twice.

I also cannot update my software. If I download the Nero5 update, when I click on it it says “Only to be used to update version 5” which is what I had with my LiteOn cdrw.

Please help




Disconnect your CDRW and see if the BSOD dissappear; I’ve noticed this with 2 drives that were expiring, once disconnected the pc becomes stable again and if you put the faulty drive into another pc that becomes unstable as well.

Try it

Uninstall InCD, it is very unstable and can cause all of these issues.

Make sure you disable INCD when flashing your drive as that can cause the flash update to fail.

i have had this happen a few times when dealing with dvds not cds. finally figured out what the deal was. i would see the incd icon change. dvd’s are written in UDF format and it was trying to control the disc.