Random problems reading DVD's



hi there,

i purchased a Sony Vaio K315z over a year ago, and i’ve been experience strange problems with the dual layer optical drive (Pioneer K14L firmware 1.10)

Basically, i can read/write all normal cd’s, can write DVD’s, but have lots of troubles reading them and they show up as 0 files. The other strange thing, is sometimes if i open and close the drive a number of times, it sometimes detects the CD and starts working.

I have tried both using Sonic RecordNow, and Nero 6, they burn, but cant read.

Drive was also cleaned with a cleaning cd, just incase some dirt/dust was the problem but it obviously wasnt.

Any advice appreciated,



OS/software driver clash.

Remove IDE channels in Devicemanager, then reboot.

Also uninstall Virtual Drives and software like InCD and Alcohol.


Ok i tried that on my current partition, removed all hte IDE controllers and also removed the CDROM/DVD drive too, rebooted and no luck

I have another clean winXP-SP2 partition that i tried it on also, with reboot and that also didnt work either, no burning software / virtual drive installed here

However, anytime i put in my only copied Verbatim DVD, it works first time, every time!

Any other ideas?