Random image-link script?

I am not a noob but I didn’t know where else to put this :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to have an image load up that each time is randomly loaded. So a refresh = a different image. But also each image when clicked has the corresponding link.
I.E. When you click on an album picture of Cradle of Filth’s ‘Nymphetamine’, it takes you to the Amazon link of Nymphetamine.

Supported scripts are HTML, Javascript and PHP

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Common… someone has to know of something that can do this?

perhaps people are waiting for the English language version of your question :wink:

“I want to have an image load up that each time is randomly loaded.” - what the HECK ARE you talking about ? and why is you assume someone reaeding your question will know what it is you need ?

Haha… Sorry. Well basically, here’s what I want:

On my forum/site, I can have a small block of html/javascript/php. In that, I want a picture that will load up from Amazon, and when people click it, it takes them to the refferal link of that album/video/poster/etc.

Hope you get me now :wink:

you mean like if you click the image below ?

Yes, exactly. But lets say I refreshed this page and it loaded a different album of J-Lo’s, and with a corresponding link.

So, basically, it’d be like this:

  1. Nymphetamine album = Nymphetamine amazon link
  2. Cradle of Filth poster = Cradle of Filth amazon/allposters link
  3. Opeth poster = Opeth amazon/allposters link
  4. Wages of Sin album = Wages of Sin amazon link

The code basically loads one of those (picture+link) at random on each page load.

oh yeah, i know what you mean; some sites i visit have those random image thingos…but i have no idea how itz done :frowning:

Damn… Well hopefully somebody else does :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway

somone @ below should know