Random glitches during playback



I’ve searched for some answers and I haven’t found any which address my current problem. I use anydvd the latest version (I check every time I’m starting the process) though I use it for removing protections only. I combine that with Nero recode which does pretty much all the work, I also check for latest version before I start. I use my Benq 1655 as my reader and a Pio 111L as burner, though I’ve tried all four combinations just to check. Also I have performed laser cleaning of both drives and the standalone player with appropriate disk.

The glitches consist of random jumpyness, blockyness, stuttering, or big pixels which last less than one or two seconds but are easily percievable even on movies with no compression.

Should I be looking for a different program combination, different drives. As for options in nero I go for quality over time any day of the week, so second passes are done automatically for files that need it.

Any and all info and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. If more info is needed just ask and I shall do my best to provide it.

Thanks again for the service which this forum provides and if I’ve made a mistake in my post or posting location, please advise and I will try to correct it.


your problem has got a good chance at being the dvds you are using are they Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim made in japan if not then that could be your problem. The other thing is that during the burn are you trying to do other things on your computer or is some program starting up during the burn. A simple thing like printing a cover for a dvd while burning can cause problems. I do not do anything during the burn part of making a dvd and have almost all programs stopped. Since switching to taiyo yuden from supermediastore I have not had one disk do this but I had them do that with other brands. I have the same two burners you have.


using verbatim code MCC 03RG20, as for progs running, I guess it could be the antivirus, or any number of simple progs which do what they want when they want, but I never do anything else while decoding/encoding and I set its priority to high so that it is chosen over any other program. I just don’t have the time or patience to have a separate partition for burning only. I hope that its a freakish media fallup and not my setup, I don’t want to repartition and have to do a whole setup dedicated to burning.