Random - A/V Problems

I have an extensive collection of DVD’s and I’m on a mission to ripp them all to my Vista media center ( I just like the convenience.). Ripping over a 1000 DVD’s is a real pain but I’m a very patient person.

The issue at hand is that 1 out of every 5 DVD movies has a problem. It’s either the A/V is out of sync.

or while playing the video if I attempt to jump ahead I find that the sound disappears. The sound will not return unless I go back to the beginning of the avi file.

I’ve already ruled out hardware because I’ve confirmed these issues between 2 Unique computers. however they were both running Vista.

I’ve tried downloading the latest Vista codecs; drivers, firmware. I’ve been programming for over 20 years so I’m use to hardware; software issues… Just not sure if I’m missing something or not.

As I mentioned before I’ve had no problems duplicating the problem on either machine. very strange. can anyone make a suggestion? :frowning:

Forgot to mention I’m using v3.0.8.6

Hi Bugs…This is not unique to Vista. Does it to some degree only on some titles much as you describe on my XP SP2 P4HT 3.2 as well. I have tried the codec recommended by the DVDFab developers, which helped a good bit, but the only thing I’ve found that will let you FF/jump the slider is a free player called VLC (thanks maineman!). Perfect sync also, at least using the generic/xvid/audiocopy profile. Here is a link to their site. Try it and post the results.

Thanks very much it does work much better than WMP.

I got the Vista Home Premium Ed so I could take advantage of their MediaCenter. I use it for HDTV; DVD’s; music and videos.

I’ve been using ‘CloneDVD Mobile’ on the videos that are having problems, the video come out just fine. I would much rather use DVDFab on all my DVD’s it’s been a very frustrating problem.

I was wondering how long this has been a problem? Do you know if this is new to the latest releases? I’ve notice others mentioning similar issues!

I hope their able to find a solution to this soon because I have a long way to go before I’m finished ripping the collection.

There seems to be some problem with DVDfab and AVI files greater than 1GB. Have you noticed that when you rip a DVD down to avi.mp3 and the size is greater than 1GB, you can’t seek without losing the audio? I’m no programmer, but I think DVDFAb doesn’t write the headers properly when the AVI is greater than 1GB. You can correct this easily by downloading a free program called VirtualDub. Just open the AVI with it, make sure the Video and Audio settings are on “Direct Stream Copy”, and resave the file. It should only take 2-3 minutes, and you should then be able to seek. I have tested the 1GB limitation on several computers with various codecs, always with the same result. It would be great if this problem could be fixed so we don’t have to use 2 different programs to get AVI’s with decent quality.

I use nero vision with excellent results from avi to mpeg 2 dvd.

The VLC player seeks and syncs perfectly with Fab’s AVIs (Generic/audiocopy) with no modifications to the file structure. But that is an excellent tip for a common problem:clap: . There is a link to VLC if you want to try it in post #2 below.

I’ve decided to use CloneDvd Mobile with a custom device.ini file for the time being it’s temporary solution until DVDFab team fixes the problem. Don’t get me wrong I still prefer to use DVDFab this option is just less frustrating and more compatible with WMP.