Ran out of blanks! What media will burn at 16x on the 109/A09?



I’m trying to look for that website that had a list of all the media that was certified for the pioneer 109/A09.

I have a 109 flashed to A09 because I need to rip faster.

Anyway can anyone either find me that site or link me to some media I can buy off of www.newegg.com to make 16x work!


The required site: http://wwwbsc.pioneer.co.jp/product-e/ibs/device_e/dev00003r_e.html#a09

Recommended site: www.videohelp.com

BURRRN the witch. g


Thanks, I’m going with the Verbatium, now do I go with the DVD+R or the DVD-R?

I always got DVD-R’s when I used to buy my 4x Riteks…


The fastest my 109 will burn is ~ 6.30 mins for a full SL disc, although I did have an isolated burn at 6.07 mins with 1.17 firmware.

My other dvd burners (except the Vivastar) are all faster than the 109 at 16x.


Faster ripping? 16x burning? Why is everybody is such a rush?


Ok got some Verbatim 16x DVD-R’s from newegg and a 50 pack of slim cases.

Whats the best f/w for this drive as of now?


I am using Verbatim now, after bashing my head (and wallet) against lesser brands.


Plus they routinely have $30 rebates (I know, I hate them too) that drop the price to around $30 per 100. This week it seems to be at Supermediastore.com.


Why did you buy a 16x burner then if you think its stupid to “rush” it.
15 min start to finish to copy a dvd isnt exactly a “rush”.


the 109/A09 wont make 16x speed with these 16x discs. You wont get past 14x. Maybe its not a “big deal” but when I bought a 16x drive and 16x discs, call me crazy I was hoping to burn at 16x. If not, I would have stuck with my 4x LG that cost 200 bucks.


I only bought a new burner because my old old finally died after several years and countless thousands of burns. Your most stable burns are still the 2x-4x ones. The 8x is not as stable, at 16x will be even more erratic. This said, in general, considering all media at all speeds 2x and greater. However, the MCC03RG20 media works pretty well. And if you need to read/rip fast, you really need a ROM, not a burner. Put both in the computer. If computer not big enough, buy bigger case. If not enough IDE slots, buy expansion cards. If not enough PCI for expansion, get a better system or take out junk (like modems). This really isn’t hard. Pushing your system and hacking firmwares is not the way to go.


You really think so, manus have for years gave up GPU’s and CPU’s that are in middle and top range specs, with nearly or same hardware, only limited by copper bridges and/or firmware.

Drives and media could be the same, if you find 8x media that works flawlessly for you then burn at 16x.

You dont speak for NIL or anyone thats sad he pulled out the game.

The media is that cheap to buy, you can afford to test out at 16x to see what works for you.

If NIL reads this and hacks the 1.40FW tomorrow and puts up on a site, i will dl it and flash my 109 and be back to 16x on my choosen brand of 8x dvd-r.


Burned in an external enclosure so internally it may have been even faster:

I 16:52:46 Source File Sectors: 2*287*922 (MODE1/2048)
I 16:52:46 Source File Size: 4*685*664*256 bytes
I 16:52:46 Source File Implementation Identifier: mkisofs
I 16:52:46 Destination Device: [0:0:0] PIONEER DVD-RW  DVR-109 8.40 (I:) (ATA)
I 16:52:46 Destination Media Type: DVD+R (Disc ID: MCC-004-00) (Speeds: 4x; 6x; 8x; 12x; 16x)
I 16:52:46 Destination Media Sectors: 2*295*104
I 16:52:46 Write Mode: DVD
I 16:52:46 Write Type: SAO
I 16:52:46 Write Speed: 16x
I 16:52:46 Link Size: Auto
I 16:52:46 Test Mode: No
I 16:52:46 BURN-Proof: Enabled
I 16:52:49 Filling Buffer...
I 16:52:53 Writing LeadIn...
I 16:53:22 Writing Image...
I 16:58:32 Synchronising Cache...
I 16:58:33 Closing Track...
I 16:58:34 Finalising Disc...
I 16:58:51 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:06:05
I 16:58:51 Average Write Rate: 14*808 KB/s (10.7x) - [B]Maximum Write Rate: 20*893 KB/s (15.1x)[/B]

Scans here.


I have TYG03 discs that never break the 6 min mark. Most full 4.68gb discs finish burning in about 5:58-5:59 including closing track, synchronizing cache etc in decrypter.


i just finished a disk in 6:12 but the iso was at the end of my hd, i literally have 150 Mb left. when i do a reformat i’m sure it will be faster. but hey it’s better than 14 minutes haha