Rambus Finally Busted?!?

Not so long ago i posted on the forum about
the shortage of RAMBUS. I’ve recently read an article from INTEL that they’ve decided to cease production of its 850e and 860 chipsets moving away from RDRAM.
Like me if your motherboard supports RAMBUS i suggest now is the time to buy yourselves some additional memory if you can find it.
I hope the above infomation is of help to others using RDRAM.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

Intel will drop Rambus, but SiS won’t.

Whether you should be happy with that or not, I can’t decide. If I had the choice between Intel and SiS, I’d stick with an Intel chipset…

I guess former Rambus users will have to leave this path and choose for dual channel DDR…

The Sis659 chipset supports both 16 bit and 32 bit PC800 - PC1200 RDRAM modules. It’s up to the mainboard manufacturers which memorybanks they install (16bit or 32bit).

If there would be a Sis659 mobo with 16bit banks, than I’ll probably give it a shot (I’m using 2 gig of PC1066 RDRAM and it runs smoothly @1250+, so I would be able to transfer them on that new 4 bank PC1200 mobo). However, when it would end up only 32bit banks are implemented, I won’t buy new modules. :wink: