Rambo III missing css key

i tried to copy my rambo III disk today (from the rambo trilogy) but anydvd said that it couldnt find a css key. what can i do about this? does anyone know the css key for this film?

Maby it doesnt have css protection…

You didnt say which region, which release etc.

For example i have the R1 Artisan Silver Tin Trilogy. Which are DVD 18’s with the WS version on one side and the PS 4:3 on the other. Is this the one you have as i could check my Rambo 3 for you.

well they do have protection and it was only this one that couldnt be cracked strangely. i managed to fix the problem, i just used a different drive. every other time i had used the same drive and had no problems, i cant explain why it didnt work this time.

Your drive would be the problem then… maby your burner is giving up its ghost


I mean it could be dead

oh no it works fine.

with dvd ripping? have you tried any others since?

What drive is it? Is it a Matsushita?

Set your drive to the region of the movie. Or ignore this warning (this message has been discussed here many, many times)