I have 512mb ram and i am thinking about upgrading to 1024MB…

Firstly is it best to get another 512 stick of RAM or should I get a 1024 one?

Also my RAM is “Dane-elec DDR SDRAM PC2700 512mb”, do i need to get the exact same one, or do I just need the PC2700 bit in the new RAM?

and finally what RAM do you think I should get based on the circumstaces???



Adding a second 512MB stick should work just fine. Although using a single 1024MB stick would save you a memory slot, I’d advice against it, as many mainboards don’t really know well how to handle these big sticks and they are quite expensive.

If you happen to have a mainboard that supports dual channel memory (Nforce2 chipset for instance), you could make a dual-channel setup when buying 2 sticks of the same size. This improves the overall system performance.

What kind of memory you need? Well it depends on what your mainboard can handle, and what the FSB of your CPU is. As you have an Athlon 2400XP, PC2100 memory should be fine (as a 1:1 memory<->CPU FSB gives the best performance). You could however go for PC2700, 3500 and even faster as well. Although your mainboard might not support it, the memory will run fine at lower clockspeeds. Buying faster memory might be a good idea for future use (new system with old memory or so).

Dane-elec is a nice brand. Other good brands ar Kingston, Twinmos, Mushkin, Geil, Corsair, Micron, Samsung, Apacer, Infineon and prolly some more I forgot about…

One thing you might want to look out for, is the timing of your memory. This CAN influence the overall performance of your system quite heavily… lower timings is always better. Just notice that the memory will run on the timings of the slowest memory. So if your current memory is running on CL3 for instance, so will your new memory, even it it were CL0 (doesn’t exsist;))…

Good luck and ask for more info, if wanted/needed!


So it would be ok if I bought PC2700 RAM any brand??

My Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-7VA, is that Ok?

Also looking at the spec of my computer, do you think it is wise to get RAM?

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something like this for example…


anyone know?


Yes it should work. 95% of the time on newer mobo’s such as your’s different makes of RAM will play nice together.


Originally posted by kaybing27
something like this for example…

This isn’t really a well known brand of memory, so you’ll never know what to expect from it. I’ve been using this cheapass memory for ages and never had any problems (although I always made sure I could return the memory if I didn’t like it or it did not work out for me the way I’d like it to). If your not too sure, I’d rather advice to stick with the more general brand, just like I mentioned.

A wellknown problem of very cheap modules is that they have poor support for higher AND lower clockspeeds than what they are rated for!


Where do you get your RAM from?

Does anyone know where to get cheap/good memory in the UK for around £50?



What do you think about this…:

512MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM (DDR333) made a company called “Aria”.

This is the spec:

Manufacturer GENERIC
Model Number
Supported Operating Systems NA
Min Recommended CPU
Type DDR 333
Size (MB) 512
Bus Speed (MHz) 333
Access Time (NS) 6
CAS 2.5
Buffered NO
Voltage 2.5

This for £45.24 + P+P (£2.99 -2/3 DAYS)

This is the link and the “code” number is “MEM-512-DDR-270”.
Sorry i can’t give you the direct link, its because the spec pops-up in a seperate window…



Where I got my ram from? From some Dutch reseller…

For this “Generic” ram goes the same as the other ram you mentioned: could be good, could be bad!


Originally posted by kaybing27
[B]Where do you get your RAM from?

Does anyone know where to get cheap/good memory in the UK for around £50?

Thanks [/B]
Check this out:


It is memory heaven :wink: