OCZ 1Gb PC3200 DDR Premier Dual Channel Series (2 x 512Mb)


Corsair Value Select 1GB (2x512MB) DDR400 Kit (VS1GBKIT400)

which is better for OC… thanks :bigsmile:

Depends how far you want to OC. Based on user reviews, the Corsair OC’s better, so you better run off to Newegg and buy before the sale expires.

OCZ has always been a greater overclocker compared to corsair.

I can tell you this right now, you won’t really get far overclocking either ram since they’re both “value”.

My advice?
If you want GOOD Value Ram that works fine and dandy, go for Crucial. Crucial beats OCZ and Corsair here.
If you want overclocking, go for either Corsair XMS series, OCZ Gold or EL series, or Crucial’s Ballistix.

Unless you’re really an overclocker, getting high-end RAM isn’t worth it since the performance delta between all of them is less than 5% at PC 3200.

And yes,the sale on those Corsairs on Newegg is an excellent deal!


Being located about 25 miles from Micron’s Fab, I will agree that they produce excellent memory, but it was obvious he was looking to buy “value” ram and Crucial can’t be classified as “value”, with a price difference of $31 plus shipping. The Corsair can’t be beat for the price and that was the basis for the recommendation. If someone asks about whether to buy a Ford or a Chevy, I don’t recommend Mercedes Benz.

thanks for the help guys but i’m plan’n to buy from canadacomputers.com and they don’t have Crucial 1G’s kit.

look here if you can recommend anything around the 200 dollar.
looking for 1G dual channel. thanks again.

Haw…too bad Newegg dosen’t ship to Canada.

Neither of those Ram would overclock well anyways, so just get whichever of the 2 thats the cheapest.

A Google search generated 841,000 results. Have fun reading.

Just pick anything will ya!
RAM is RAM. They all have lifetime warranty.
This isn’t AMDvsIntel or ATIvsNvidia.

Performance difference between all of them at the same speeds is less than 5%. Just pick anything thats cheaper!
If you really can’t decide between both, Flip a coin.