RAM Voltage

How much voltage can Kingston DDR2 handle? I dont want to put too much in and damage anything.

Have you checked Kingston’s website to find out what voltage it supports? At least find out which type you have. How can anyone answer your question with no relevant information given?

I think its 1.8v?

It would help to identify the kind of Kingston DDR2 your talking about, whether its PC-# and the speed in Mhz. I would also assume you want to pair it with a certain motherboard, so if you’re considering getting it or already have it and want to pair it with a motherboard that can handle it, be sure to check the motherboard specs also, that there are no compatibility problems. Reading NewEgg reviews on the memory and motherboard usually generates several users that tried to pair a certain memory with a certain mobo, if it was successful, what they had to do to fix the compatibility issue (if they could), etc.