RAM Upgrade Question!

Hi mates,
I want to upgrade my RAM, so here is the deal

I have 3 RAM card slots on the Motherboard and 2 are occupied, so I have 1 more free slot, which I was thinking to use it as well.
The 2 slots are eash 256 MB SDR, so a total of 512 MB.

I was afraid to use the 3rd slot because I thought that something can go wrong I can screw my PC, so thats why I am asking u guys.
Should I use the 3rd slot and make it 768 MB RAM, or is it dangerous?

My PC specs are:
Motherboard: Matsonic MS9007C
Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GH
RAM: 512 MB
OS: Win XP Pro SP1


Hi again,

You’re fine with 512MB on XP, just keep your installation clean and don’t run 20 apps simultaneously. Using the 3rd RAM slot is not recommended as it can slow your system down and make it unstable.

No nothing dangerous (in theory) at all. RAM incompatibilities are less common on older set-ups such as yours.

I run a P3 as a NAS and a P4 as a Domain Controller. Both have 1.5G of PC133 SD - 512 in each slot and have benefited from the increase. I’m not sure where you have got this from Cressida.

He got it from the fact that you cannot use 3 sticks as dual memory, only 2 or 4. If the system utilizes Dual Channel Memory then it will be slower. This is not necessarily result in a slower system if the memory size with 2 sticks is inadequate but dual channel i[I]s [/I]faster.

Nothing to do with Dual Channel. Just compare the fastest timings you can run with two and three slots filled. I didn’t say it won’t work, just that there are some drawbacks. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen mainboard support info advise against it as well.

The Matsonic MS9007C (Intel 845) does not support Dual Channel.

It has always been debatable that dual Channel Bandwidth vs more RAM is a close race to call and it most definitely does not cause instability.

As far as timings go - this is SDRAM not DDR and timings have very little bearing on realworld performance - and again will not cause instability.

Actually, some older boards have problems with faster timing when 4 slots are filled. Sorry, didn’t mean to put words in your mouth.

Each board seems to have its own set of rules.

OK guys, everyone can have their own opinion of course :slight_smile: . Just as an example, I remember a PII Asus/Intel system I had, which I ran with two and three sticks of 128MB SDRAM. I don’t remember what the exact BIOS setting was called, but I had to slow it down with 3 sticks and preferred to run it with 2.

What can I do without you guys, thanks for all the information!

And as I have understand it is not dangerous to try, I mean it’s completely safe to add the 3rt RAM card without being afraid that I can cause serious damage to my PC.

OK, I will give it a try and tell you guys the results.

Thanks again,