Ram upgrade problem

i had 2 rd rams 128 mb each (pc800,kingston) now i have bought 2 more ram of 128 mb of samsung(pc700)… but system is not working fine :frowning: in win98 its crashing after i open few applications…and in winxp its get restated before loading profile … i tried to reinstall winxp but it gives me an error irql_not equal_not less like that on blue screen :frowning:

i tried to installl winxp by only putting 2 samsung ram but its aslo gives same error …and now atlast i am roll back to my old kingston to write this thread :frowning:

Well mixing new memory is not the done thing it is not like in the days of PC100/133, compatability issues arrise. More information on your system is needed, mobo make and model, processor etc. Though after googling the message you have posted it seems it can be the result of faulty RAM. Here’s an MS article on it: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q165863/

You should realy allow it to report such things as then it gives you the info automatically if the problem has arisen before and there are possible solutions for it.