RAM speed mixing

My notebook had twin sticks of 256MB DDR SDRAM PC2100 (266Mhz). I replaced one of them with a stick of 1GB DDR SDRAM PC2700 (333Mhz). I heard that the computer will only use the slowest memory speed. So should I ditch the 256 MB and use just 1GB ram at the high speed, or should I keep it and have 1.256GB running at the slower speed? I use the computer for moderate gaming and multiple applications.

In addition, anyone know how to handle RAM once you take it out of the computer, i mean storage and care-wise?

CPU is a Centrino 1.5ghz Pentium M, with mobility radeon 9000.

Take out the slow memory. Just wrap it up in some bubble wrap and keep it inside your house somewhere. It will keep fine. Or, sell it on ebay.

Chances are that the new memory will not run at a higher speed anyway.
If originally supplied with pc2100 then the system bus speed is , in all probability, 266mhz. That will limit your new memory to 266mhz. All you’ve gained in 512mb extra memory.
My experience is with AMD systems so I don’t know for sure that Intel work the same way. I’m sure that harley2ride will correct me if I’m mistaken.

I can’t say for absolute sure, but everything I’ve read states it’s bad to mix memory speeds. And 1gb is more than enough memory, unless you are running numerous applications at once.

It really depends on what you do with your computer. Most games don’t even need 1Gb, so you’ll be fine with just the 1Gb stick. For what the various applications are concerned… well… it really depends on what those apps are and how many you run at once. If you run lots of heavy programs at the same time, you may prefer capacity over speed. If not, speed might be the thing to go for.

As you don’t know what your bus speed is (most likely you have a I855M chipset, which does DDR at 333Mhz (PC2700)), it might be a good idea to test some first. If the bus speed is always 266Mhz, than it’s a better idea to leave both sticks in. If not, re-read my story above :slight_smile:

Running memory async is a bad idea so it’s not worth bothering pull out sticks.