RAM, ROM, what?

My DVD burner will only write DVD-R/RW…also mentioned DVD-RAM. What are DVD-ROMs and DVD-RAMS, will they make it harder to pick a DVD-R that works?

DVD-R/RW - Recordable DVD Standard

The competing Recordable standard is DVD +R/RW (Discs labeled as +R or +RW will not record with a DVD -R/RW only drive.)

DVD-RAM - A rewritatable DVD format that can work like a big floppy, hence the RAM (random access memory) designation. Some DVD drives can read RAM discs, but not write them. Others can neither read nor write them. As far as I know, only Panasonic & LG make DVD-RAM drives capable of both reading and writing on DVD-RAM discs.

If your drive supports only -R/RW, stick with media labeled as DVD-R or DVD-RW. Your drive may need a firmware update to work with higher speed media (warning usually on package of dvd discs, I have no idea if its true). Best bet is to buy media that is rated at the speed your drive supports.

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DVD-RAM is just another format of optical storage, like DVD-R and DVD+R. DVD-RAM discs can be recorded and erased repeatedly like a DVD-RW,but are only compatible with devices manufactured by the companies that support the DVD-RAM format. Originally they were housed in catridges, but now as they are single sided 4.7Gb they come in standard jewel cases. DVD-ROM stands for: Digital Versatile Disc-Read Only Memory. Simply it is your Drive, but one that only reads DVD’s. DVD-R/RW is your burner,(Record/ReWrite) but it also acts as a ROM as it can read and write.

As for DVD-R Media, there is plenty of good brands around such as: Taiyo Yuden, TDK, Verbatim and you’ll find many more recommendations on this forum.

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My drive only goes at 2x…I just got a Datewrite DVD-R disc with 4x on… =/

Should be fine, if you have 4x rated media and a 4x drive you can still burn at 2.4x/1x, as 4x is the max. So we would assume if your drive only does 2x it would work with a 4x disc.

I burned an anime series, all .avi files, onto a blank Datewrite DVD-R disc. I used Nero Express, it finished burning, then turned into something called a DVD-ROM and lags/freezes comp/DVD players when put in. I can’t open/play the disc…

Did you convert the .avi’s to mpeg-2 DVD? If you just burnt the avi’s to disc as data, they wont work. Do you have Nero Vision Express? If so select DVD video and add the files, before it burns NVE will put in menus and convert the avi’s to mpeg-2 DVD for you.

No, I didn’t do that. I’d never used Nero before that and know near to nothing about PCs. Would doing what I did make the DVD mess up?

I downloaded NeroVision Express the other day, not used yet. Oddly, on that the DVD option doesn’t come up…only Video CD, not DVD video CD. Am I missing something? o.o
Edit: Do you mean Nero Recode? Comes with NeroVision Express 2.

Oh, and my drive is called DVD-RAM, the disc caled itself DVD-ROM when burned…does that mean anything? =p

Oh, and my drive is called DVD-RAM, the disc caled itself DVD-ROM when burned…does that mean anything?
No :slight_smile:

You may need the mpeg-2 plug in, from ahead software. I’m pretty sure it costs too. If you dont want to go to the bother, you can try authoring programs such as TMPGEnc, again they cost. Otherwise select Video CD in NVE and burn them as mpeg-1 VCD to a normal CD. Naturally you wont get as much on the disc but it wont cost you a cent.

Shouldn’t be hard to get it without paying. ^.^

Btw, would you mind givibg me your MSN, that is if you have MSN? It’d probably be faster that way since you are the only guy trying to help me out here. =P

Edit: Got TMPGEnc Plus 2.5. What do I do with it now to get it to burn playable stuff onto blank DVD-R?

You will need “vision express2” and “DVD-Videp plug-in” serial numbers, obtainable from Nero.