.RAM / RM (audio) to WAV

Hello, as the title says I need a software that converts a .rm file into wav… I found some but only convert into mp3 and others are complicated or only works with Real videos. I tried dbAmp but it does not work for me… I installed all the codecs and nothing.

Thank you,

Try MediaCoder. It’s freeware.


I don’t have any .rm files but I will see if I can find one & run it through my converters then post back.

The only audio convertor I’ve ever needed is TotalRecorder. I’ve had it since it was only $11.95.

I used Super also freeware.It converted the .rm to a .wav (audio only) with no problem.

Thanks Nemesys I DLed MediaCoder converted an .rm file to .wav no problem.Looks like it will be a useful addition.

I tried MediaCoder and is really nice. Now I have new question: How can I join .rm files???.


I think the only way to combine the .rm or actually the .wav would be better is to convert the .wav files to DVD files .Then using a program like DivxtoDVD.
You might have to do it with vobedit,ifoedit &DVDShrink.
I will post back after I check something.

New method I only have 1 .rm so I used the .wav I made from it & another .wav I had.It might have worked with 2 .rm’s But I didn’t test it.
USE MediaCoder Audio,put the files in.
Select Join under Task mode.
Resample at some rate I used 48000 this worked but original didn’t work since the .wav’s had different rates.
Highlght all files .Start transcode.
This worked for me.

Thanks cholla I will try that, by the way my .rm files are only audio no video.
(Broadcast of BBC sessions).

CopperTomato ;The .rm file I found on the web to use was audio/video to start with but in MediaCoder Transcode pulldown I chose Transcode Audio only when converting it to a .wav.
That was one of the 2 .wav files I joined.