RAM-related questions

I’m going to buy some more RAM (512MB most supposedly) in a couple of days, so I’ve got two questions :

a) Is buying Kingston sticks profitable? Are they good value for money? Which brands do you recommend?
b) My MoBo is quite old, and the only FSB is 266MHz. But 266MHz (PC2100) are hard to get and expensive these days. So will 333 and 400MHz sticks work with the mainboard?

Thanks in advance

They will work alright, but will be running at 266 . Generally, I don’t recommend pinching pennies on RAM, but for that board most anything should do. Hopefully you won’t have trouble due to running 2 different kinds.

a) too much generic not model specific so cant answer that
b) any ddr ram can work at lower speed also so ddr400 will work fine

whatever ram youll buy dont get it blindly ,certain rams arent compatible with certain motherboards sorta like burners dislike certain medias,check for ram compatbility list in your motherboard manufacturer site & ram manufacturer site
also its a good idea to buy a ram that have same timings as the current to avoid problems

Well, I’ve currently got 2x128MB, but I’m going to throw these away, so it seems like there shouldn’t be any timing problems.

Hope you’re not planning to run that in Windows98. :Z

Nah, Windows XP SP1. I’ve got Windows 98 installed for supporting old games, though.

Go with Corsair Value Select (PC3200) or Crucials Value products.