RAM Recomendations -- Help Appreciated

What’s up fellow cd freaks. Well I’m in the market for some RAM, and I must say it’s one market I haven’t keep up with. I’m an avid gamer, so of coarse I have a n ATI 9800 Pro, AMD 64 3000+ CPU, SATA hard drives, etc. The only limiting compenent I have would be the 2 sticks of PC2100 256mb sticks of RAM I have. I want to get a new PC3200 512mb to replace the 2, and if I like I will buy another. I really don’t know what latency times mean, or how about I would go overclocking them. So what I’m asking is, what would you recomend for a hardcore gamer with the specifications I have given. Preferably under $120. It would also be nice to get a brief walkthrough of latency times and overclocking. Thanks!

What you want is Corsair’s Value Select series PC3200 512Mb.
They’re better than Kingston and Samsung due to better performance and better compatibility than TwinMOS while still having about the same price.


So you don’t think this: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=20-146-889&depa=1 would out perform it?

It’s faster but the extra performance (which is neglible at these speeds) doesn’t justify the price (IMO).

I suggest looking into 3 brand names, and pick what price best suites you:
Kingston (Hyper X)