Ram question

Hi, I have 2- 1gig sticks of ram wanted to buy another gig for a total of 3 is it better to get 2 512 sticks or just 1 -1 gig stick, thanks

1gb, of course.

Depends on what mobo you have. :wink:

Another question along the same lines. I have 1gig ram 2-2x256 dual channel of ram CAS 2.5. If I upgraded to 2gig using 2 1gig sticks (not dual channel) CAS [U]3[/U], will I loose any performance? pc3200 is so frigging expensive compared to new ram and ZipZoomfly has a great sale going, $55.99 per gig, free shipping: http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=80098-34&ps=ho1
Waddaya think?

But 2- 512 will be running in dual channel just 1 gig won’t be. So wouldn’t dual channel be better.

Yes, but the sale isn’t for dual channel. Is there a problem running it that way? 2-1g and 2-256? I could lose the 2-256, wouldn’t be a big deal.