Ram question?

I have a dell e510 and am looking to add to the ram from 1gb to 2gb. This is what I have: DDR2-SDRAM 533 PC2-4300. This is what I want 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 533 (PC2 4200). Is there any difference and if there is can I make it work.I can find the pc2-4300 but it is almost twice as expensive. Thanks for the help

Crucial only list DDR2 PC2-5300/DDRII-667 and DDR2 PC2-4200/DDRII-533 as being supported for the Dell Dimension E510.

There is no reason why it should not work. The faster RAM will drop the the speed of the slowest ram on the board.

I’ve never heard of PC4300 before though, darn dell for using non-standard speed RAM.

You can find it if you google for it. My point is that Crucial is usually accurate about what they list as being compatible with the specific motherboards, their not listing the PC2-4300 makes me question its compatibility.

Every motherboard I’ve ever worked with does what I described.

Maybe they dont list it becasue they want people to buy the more expensive stuff? I bet it is 4200 binned ram anyway, even value ram would be able to handle a freq. increase that small.

OP: Buy the PC4300 if you like, for peace of mind, I am just saying that I’d be very surprised if normal speed ram didnt work. It will just bring the 4300 that is already in there down to 4200, which really will not be noticeable.

thanks all for the input I went ahead and purchased a corsair 1gb pc2-4200 kit today. After tons of searching I really didn’t get a straight answer even Dell support tech was very nonspecific. Will see if this works. another reason I don’t think I will purchase another dell.

Crucial doesn’t need the business that bad, they generally base the compatibility on recommendations from the manufacturers of the motherboards.

Even today there are still major manufacturers that have motherboards that a finicky about what RAM they like, ASUS is known for this.

Why do you think you need 2gb of ram? I do photoshop and video editing on two similar pc’s. One has 2gb (because it was already configured that way when I ordered it), and the other has 1gb. I can virtually tell no difference whatsoever between the two, when performing memory intensive tasks. I’m not even using all of the 1gb unless I’m doing a whole lot of layers in photoshop.

2GB of ram is good, 4GB is even better if you’re moving over to Windows Vista. All the PC’s that are displayed with Vista have 4GB. 2GB is optimal performance, 4GB is best performance on Vista. Vista uses superfetch that’s why 2GB can be useful later if you upgrade. All the ram is used for cache. I’m about to get another 2GB myself :slight_smile: