Ram pricing

Anyone following Ram prices? (Pricewatch) 2 gig (2X1) has dropped about $15.00 in last 3 or 4 days. Last week it (533) seemed to be running fairly stable at $70.50. All of a sudden its down to $54.60 basic generic.

2gb of ram hovers around $60 after a massive MIR. Corsair XMS, OCZ, and other brands out there

Prices are being slashed on DDR2 800/675/667 RAM now to clear them out and usher in the newer DDR2 1066 and faster sticks – as well as the brand new DDR3 RAM modules. Right now its a “buyers market” for CAS4 DDR2 800, as it performs nearly as well as the newer more expensive memory in real world applications.

Enjoy these low prices while you can because when all the older DDR RAM has sold out the manufacturers and merchants may once again resort to price-gouging, as they did a year ago when Intel’s C2D CPU was released and everybody wanted/needed DDR2 but there was no affordable alternative to compete with it…

Except for GSkill DDR2 800 PC6400 HZ modules.

Newegg.com keeps increasing the price weekly.
I remember when they had the price of 2GB (2 X 1GB) at $103.99. It has steadily increased in price weekly to $149.99 based on demend. This week they are selling at $144.99.

^ yeah, those ram sticks are smoking, I need to get some of those D9’s

D9 Micron doesn’t come cheap. All of the brands I reported are Promos and other chip. The cheapest D9 is still under the Buffalo brand

I wouldn’t be surprised if Corsair CAS4 XMS used Micron D9 chips. I have four sticks of Corsair DDR2 675 that run completely stable at CAS4 800 MHz when the voltage is raised to 1.9-2.0 vDIMM; Corsair approves these sticks for up to 2.1v without voiding the warranty. Don’t know or care if they are D9 as long as they rock… :bow:

Which model"s" ?

I will be getting a whole new system in the next few weeks and I will tell my brother to get me what I want from Newegg and other places and then ship them to me (waiting for some hot deals though :bigsmile: )
Ram has been the most confusing part for me as I know exactly what to get except for Ram .
The build will contain : C2Quad Q6600 , P35-DQ6 , 8800GTX (Or wait for 9800GTX ?!!) 22" LCD Widescreen monitor (LG or Samsung) and “RAM”

This is the best deal where I live atm. Click. This is Micron D9GMH chips with a JEDEC of 4-4-4-12 @ 400Mhz and an EPP of 5-5-5-15 @ 500Mhz. Guaranteed to be Micron because this company is owned by guess who? I have put together no less than 18 PC’s in the last month and only one refused to go with the Crucial Ballistix due to cost and I have already heard back from them due to boot issues with non D9 chips.:rolleyes: All of these PC’s were Intel based on the P35 chipset, mostly Quads but a few C2D’s as well. From my experience if you want stabilty don’t cheap out. It’s not worth it IMO.

i had some team xtreem ddr 667 with micron d9 chips in clocks like mad :bigsmile:

Corsair doesn’t use D9 for any DDR2 6400 anymore, haven’t for probably 6+ months. XMS2 6400C4 has to be rev 1.2 to be Micron and everything these days is 2.1 (ProMos).

Yep the D9’s clock like crazy alright. I haven’t tried my Crucial ballistix 8500’s for high Mhz but I have my Mushkin 8500’s and this is mild from what I have seen.:wink:

The firestix

even their dominator series and their pro series doesn’t use D9. Only the dominator PC2-8500 series use D9. The Dominator series that is below PC2-8500 with Cas 5 uses promos chip as well as the XMS Pro 6400 Cas 4.
The older Dominator series with CAS 3, those are handpick D9, but of course they are over $200 for 2 gb

I don’t think any of mine is rev 1.2 but it OCs well and with complete stability.

Patriot has been accused of doing the same thing. Their CAS4 DDR2 800 2x1GB kits from about a year ago were found to be D9, and because their price was a bit more affordable at the time ($220 for a 2G kit was a good price then :eek: ), they sold like wild. But by early 2007 more and more people were reporting Patriot switched to a crappier chip that couldn’t OC worth crap…

I lucked out and got the D9 Patriot when I bought the CAS4 Patriot August of 2006. But for the price I paid it @$#*%&! should have been! :a

just picked up 2 gigs of dual ch OCZ platnium PC2 6400 800mghz 4-4-4-15 for 60 bucks at frys after 40 dollar rebate

Corsair Rev 1.2 is still D9, Rev 2.1 and newer are Promos, you are one of those early adapters to new DDR2, but I am sure you paid big bucks for your corsair

Actually, I bought two of the 2x512MB XMS kits for about $60/ea back when 2x1GB kits were still around $200. :cool:

sure wish the Crucial Ballsitix PC3200 would drop some like the other memory is doing. think mine is still up there a bit. shall keep waiting.

I don’t think we’re going to see DDR come down.

DDR-1 RAM is not going to drop in the price, $150 for 2 gig is the lowest price I have seen for PC-3200 Crucial Ballistix.