RAM os



current project a pc consisting of nothing more then a power regulator, wifi 802.11BG (with wpa security), win xp stripped ed, 1 external drive, 1 custom plex dvd ram firmware

The Objective:

To be able to run Win XP on a dvd ram disk while consumming the least amount of power, without affecting conectivity


After all the drivers and connectivity issues are corrected, there would be a bootable os witch is truely mobile and interchangable in all corperate senerios, able to be implented and sustained indefently with the enterprise dummy terminal aproch in mind.

Pictures will be added as time goes on and os gets customized using nothing more then the win xp pro kernel, and using no more then 500mb of os diskspace on a standard 4.5gb dvd ram disk


You forgot that XP has copy protection that looks at hardware changes and refuses to run if the configuation is too different from the istall. If all your machines are identical it might work.


I’d like to see how this runs - XP thrashes hard disks like buggery just to get to the desktop, so you’ll have to do some significant hacking to trim it down to something less ‘flabby’…
Or figure out how to get it to make a RAM disk a-la Linux boot CD’s and at least move the swap file and registry there…


Can you elaborate please? :rolleyes:

Regards, :slight_smile:



running a stripped down version of xp, the file protection, hardware lookup is disabled, its not a retail os… its a custom os from the ground up based on win xp