Ram install failure

i’ve tryied to install ram…but when i power on my pc
there was nothing on the screen although
the sounds came from the tower were the usual

did it work before ram installation, or is it a new system?? if u have no display its ‘usually’ (but not always :)) graphics related…but then again didnt quite understand ur question.? SasArchiver

it was working before the installation…basically i don’t know what to do…
i try to find where exactly is the problem and a solution for fixing my pc…
Logically the problem has to do with the ram installation but i don’t know if i accidently
damaged something else…

I hope you have solved the problem. It is a classical RAM failure. Check once again the connections, and of course the RAM itself (motherboard front side bus effective clock, RAM speed, etc.).

ram is bad i had similar problems