RAM Help

I have been looking into buying more RAM for my Compaq Presario 2223US Laptop, and I have heard that Corsair is pretty good quality. The 512MB is $72. So I was wondering if there were better brands at a reasonable price (under $150 preferably). Thanks in advance!!

Corsiar is good quality. So is OCZ, Mushkin, GEIL, Kingston, Infineon, Dane-Elec etc etc. If you make sure the memory is fast enough (it should be at least as fast as your already installed memory), the brand shouldn’t matter that much. The one problem you might run into, is that your laptop may not accept certain memory. OEM products have a tendency to give such problems. You might want to search around a little (or take your laptop to a computer hardware store) before buying something actually; you never know what problems you’ll run into.

Here is the info for the Corsair:

Corsair 512MB PC2100 DDR SODIMM Memory

Description: This 512MB PC2100 266MHz 200-pin DDR SDRAM SODIMM is
designed for industry models, including Dell, HP/Compaq, Gateway,
Toshiba, IBM and Sony notebooks.

Good, or no good? Also, how do I find out how fast the memory I have in it now is??

Just to add, you may want to consider buying the lowest latency ram you can afford. this would require dumping (maybe selling on ebay) the old ram and starting with 2 fresh sticks (if you are running ddr). this will give you the best performance increase. Go to a web site that will allow you to view the specs, like newegg.com