.ram files

Can anyone tell me if there is a converter out there that will convert .ram files to wav or mp3


even another one

The winamp plugin ‘Tara’ allows Real Audio files (Including RA8) to be played in Winamp. I find the plugin site at http://www.musiclivesonline.com/software/watara.html :cool:

If you select the output plugin as ‘Nullsoft Disk Writer’ and play Real Audio files, the output will be piped into a wave files. Double click the Disk Writer plugin to select the output directory. A better solution is to get an MP3 or OGG (included in Winamp 2.80) output plugin and use it to pipe the output as an MP3 or OGG file. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to change the output plugin back to ‘waveOut’ or ‘DirectSound’ or everything you play will be piped into files!:stuck_out_tongue: The only type of audio that Winamp cannot pipe into files are the horrible sounding WMA and ASF files. Anway, I prefer OGG vorbis for PC and MP3 for my CD MP3 player.

StreamBox Ripper v2.009
Versions after 2.009 does not support converting of .ram-files cause Real sued StreamBox…
You’ll find it with Google

Take a look here as well. :slight_smile: